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“Upasika Kaew” Women Training in the Democratic Republic of Congo

. .   UPASIKA  KAEW  WOMEN  TRAINING IN  THE  DEMOCRATIC  REPUBLIC  OF  CONGO Lubumbashi, 12 – 25  July  2010 . The Democratic Republic of Congo is the last corner on this planet where one dares dream one day peace will come true. The second largest city, Lubumbashi, is the hub of the southeastern part of […]

Thai – South African Newsletters… (Volume 27, 28 & 29)

Having entered its 4th year of publication, the well-known Thai – South African Newsletters continue to serve the local Thai community and its related peers with more interesting and informative articles.  Volumes 27, 28 & 29 are updated for readers to download: . Volume 27: April-May 2010.  Click at image to read/download. . . Volume […]

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