Family Day By Day

The 4th World Peace Ethics Contest (World-PEC)
Worldwide, Sunday 17th January 2010

Based on the must-have book called “Family Day By Day,” this 4th annual exam benefits participants from all over the world.  A single family does not consist of only dad, mom & kids. We have parents, relatives, teachers, spouses,  friends, workers and even our priests.

This little book will show us how each party mentioned above influences our peace and happiness in each family unit. Reading the book gives us the knowledge, sitting the exam rushes us to finish the book in due time.  This Sunday 17th January 2010 will see peoples of the world enjoy 13-language examination for a better understanding of life and greater wisdom from the teachings of Lord Buddha.

Exam venue on 17th January
at the Johannesburg Meditation Centre (JMC).
The most nature-friendly and coziest contest in the world.

Cape Town exam venue
Witnessed all walks of life participating in the World-PEC Contest.

Exam venue in Kampala
The first World-PEC ever in Uganda

The Johannesburg Meditation Centre, Cape Town Meditation Centre & a group of youngsters in Uganda have participated in the exam in the afternoon of the Sunday. It is a good start to create peace from individuals, families, community and to the Africa Continent respectively.

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